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With hearts toward none

by Mgła

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Between the damned, the pissed and the outright insane Grand architects of failure, sculptors of loss No golden thrones to follow No shrines of solace to seek I shall erect myself over transience I shall ascend over flesh Steadfastly tearing through aether I shall rise to the beyond I shall reveal heights not yet imagined I shall rewrite Summa de homine I shall speak with tongues of angels And I shall burn with pure light I will burn allright On to rupture; bonds rearranged Scorch the archaic remnants and rip through primordial thoughts On to diremption: self / kin All glory and strength of culture now null and void No golden thrones to follow No shrines of solace to be found And only the locusts shall sing at the end of the day
Repent! Repent! For the Lord has risen high and proud His chariot drawn by rats and vultures And adorned with heads of skeptics Yes! The Lord is on the prowl tonight The Lord will be diligent For there are many to be smitten And the Lord loves holocausts The hand of the Lord is eager to bestow Yes, the Lord will bestow his grace Until you pray for the fall He shall distress the weary He shall disgrace the meek He shall rip out the eyes of the lame And he shall cripple the blind Repent! Praise! Repent! Praise the Lord of hosts, of bestial and human filth, of blistering gangrene and crawling carnage, of death piled upon death, the great sower descending to reap the crops.
Threshold wanderers Daath dwellers Usucaptors in lands of no hope and no grace Preachers of the fall Surveryors of the astray In darkness and in ruin, in gutters of ascension Behold the Logos begotten of death From the midst of cold ash comes the voice of the living god Further down to the roots of withered pillars Through the scorched ground And you shall know perdition And it will set you free Grey ash prayer Severed from the unconscious Perverse theodicy Atrocious immanence With hearts toward none
All hail the reapers of hope All hail the seer of confusion To grind the sandstones of culture And to reveal the true foundation of terror and fevers Under vigilant eyes of watchdogs of psyche Let loose by loving brethren Jaws dripping with balm of righteous comfort To pour upon conflict, turmoil and friction Now bite into the essence and cut into fabric of life Unearth the fragile construct below instilled order Never surrender, never retreat In this the weapons are our very lives Fuck hope and godspeed
Behold the high order abstractors Anthropologists and engineers alike The virtuous, the chaste Weaving new layers of oblivion Behold the kings and leaders of men Warlords of retreat, sovereigns of surrender The righteous, the pure Now gathered upon the new form A monument is risen To be seen from afar Erected by thieves Financed by murderers And secured by lawyers Fear upon fear Inbuilt braces Scripted obedience Behold transgression, conform and gorge Bask in the radiance of purified norm There will be no distress, no more trembling The muzzle never felt that good
I call upon the name of purificating angel, Upon the name of strangling angel Let the world drink again from the fountains of the great deep Let majestic springs erupt upon the footsteps of men Let the skies dim with clouds of heavenly splendour Let the waters of redemption arise Let the children drink freely from these rivers of grace And let there come the rain, let there come the rain And may it wash away the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit, the whores, the junk, the trash, the worms, the freaks, the rot, the plague, the grime, the smut, the waste, the pigs, the slime, the mud, the vermin of every shape and size Higher, higher Hoist high the banners of shame I call upon the great day of disgust and scorn Where man and beast are turned to clay Where all flesh dies that moves upon the earth And this rotten cesspool is swept all clean
Have ye courage, o my brethren? The signs are everywhere. Some did not see it coming, others refused to see. I can feel it in the tingle of the air, in the heartbeat of the earth And I can tell that the storm is coming all down on me. Come redemption As the litany of abandonment rings through ruined temples As the darkest night of them all falls upon the scorched home shores As the great fervour within is crawling in stasis and dirt Earthbound, yet striving to walk upon the wind Always downwards - and toward the farthest sides of the north There come the agents of change, stiff and inert Pillars of reason and pillars of belief, In the footsteps of their fathers' virtues Always downwards - and toward the farthest sides of the north There is the nadir There comes the storm


CD/LP released by Northern Heritage 2012.
Additional CD release by Malignant Voices 2012 (Poland only).


released February 28, 2012


all rights reserved



Mgła Kraków, Poland

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